About the Bergen County Women’s Republican Club


Founded in 1923, the Bergen County Women’s Republican Club (BCWRC) is the oldest, and longest thriving Women’s Republican Club in the state of New Jersey!  We are in the top FIVE in the country! [Read more about the history of the BCWRC]


  • Promotes and encourages the participation of registered Republican women in politics and fosters interest in the Republican Party by supporting its policies, functions and candidates.
  • Keeps members apprised of county, state and national issues and considers current topics of importance to women through monthly programs and reports.
  • Assists where needed in political campaigns.
  • Raises and donates funds to legislative and county candidates and our members who run for office.
  • Offers a social and networking outlet for women of like interests.


General membership is open to any Republican woman residing in Bergen County or New Jersey, and interested in the goals of the Club. Join or renew today.  Visit our membership page for full details.

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